Quick Guide on How to Become a Ball Boy in a Football Club | 2023

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Being a ball boy entails a lot more than what people know. So, if you want to be a football ball boy, a tennis ball boy or a basketball boy/girl? You need to go through this quick guide on how to become a Soccer ball boy/girl. As well as tennis ball boy or girl, MLB boy and also basketball boy or girl.

Most of the associations of football teams choose young people from their local youth leagues or from their youth academy to become ball boys. This gives young people the opportunity to get familiar with the environment and the pressure of a football game. Especially if it is a high-level game or an emotional atmosphere.

Who is a Ball Boy?

Ball boys and ball girls are people, usually young people, who retrieve and supply balls to players or officials in sports. Such as Association football (soccer), American football, tennis, baseball, basketball, bandy, and cricket. Although their role might seem not essential, their activities help speed up the game by reducing downtime.

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Who Can be a Ball Boy or Ball Girl?

Ball boys and girls are selected from the ranks of year 9 and year 10 students from a number of schools that work with Wimbledon. Their average age is 15. The schools which they can apply for have to be near the venue, so if you live far away, your hopes might be dashed.

Becoming a ball boy or ball girl varies from one club to another and is at the club’s discretion. The team can decide to pick many young people from local youth leagues.

For example, Arsenal invites members of its gunners under 12 to 16 years to participate in the screening tests.

Manchester City has recently asked for children and balls to be presented through its website. A call from a city last season asked boys and girls aged 11 and 12 (seven and eight years of school) to run. They had to be able to: “be able to watch all the games at home, be energetic, be able to catch and throw a ball quickly, and be ready to sit in any weather and have the consent of their parents.”

Newcastle United recently invited potential ball boys to be selected through a draw with youth magpies or club members under 13 but attracting them regularly in the local leagues.

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Guide on How to Become a Ball Boy in Football

There are different methods to select the boy’s and girls’ balls for a match. In any matches, such as Champions League, or English Premier League, they are chosen from schools or published in schools.

They are selected by tournaments and must go through a series of selections and tests. In other matches, such as the Champions League, and English Premier League, positions are announced and tests are underway.

So do you want to be a football-ball boy? Go forward. It’s fun, but you must also be prepared. Here are some ways you can be ready.

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#1. Understand What the Job Is

In order for you to know what is happening, you will need basic information about the configuration and rules of Ball Boy. In a football match, there are usually 6 ball boys; 4 at the end of each net and 1 in each corner.

Ball boys close to the net are placed in a position so that each one has one side. One to the left of the net and one to the right. Soccer ball boys or girl are usually on a shift that normally lasts between 30 and 60 minutes.

#2. Know What the Job Entails

Soccer ball boys are responsible for rolling the ball to the end. Those responsible for the ball in the back corners are responsible for recovering the ball and rolling it until the end of the service, or recovering the ball and delivering it to the server.

Since there are 6 ball boys in a football match, how do you decide who receives which ball? Normally, the person closest to the ball recovers.

In a football match, there are several variations to who gets which ball. When there are 2 ball boys in the net, each ball boy positions on one side. But when a ball falls near a ball boy close to the net, even if it is not on that side, he/she can get it. Keep in mind that no boy should try to roll the ball during a second service or a let.

#3. Always Keep Several Things in Mind

Since there are many possibilities and variations that could happen, always keep several things in mind. Which option will take the least amount of time? Is this a nuisance to the players? Will it annoy the public? If your choice follows all these guidelines, then you can certainly go on.

#4. Learn What to Do and When to Do It

The most important thing to remember is that two people are needed at the back of the server and one at the receiver. When players change their service role, their “runner” will have to run to the other side so that there are now two people serving and one receiving.

Keep in mind when you don’t have to run to the other side. It is at this time that the total number of parts in this set is odd. However, in the decisive game, players do not change at all levels.

Let’s say you’re a ball boy in the net and chase a ball. The ball you are chasing did not stop where you thought it would go, but it continued rolling and now you are at the bottom of the net. What do you think is the most sensible solution? If you had thought about it, stay with the ball boy in the corner for a point, then return to your original position.

#5. Embark in Training

Candidates must pass an evaluation of their physical abilities assessment. In addition to fitness and endurance, the ability to concentrate and stay alert is essential.

It is not easy to do the job quickly and efficiently and without compromising the quality of the elite athlete in one of the most important events of the year.

Training is considered quite difficult, with the general physical training involved in addition to the practice of “passing” (throwing the ball without problems to players when they need it) and more.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Being a Ball Boy

For a young sports fan, you can regard this as one of the best jobs on the planet. Those lucky enough to be picked as soccer ball boys and girls are given front-row seats to see some of the world’s greatest athletes doing what they do best. All for the task of fetching a ball every few minutes.

Ball Boy-Do’s

1. Give the ball back quickly:  Every ball boy should the ability to return the ball back as fast as possible.

2. Make great catches:

Ball Boy-Don’ts

Throw it at the opposition

Enter the field of play too early: All ball boys are supposed to enter the field at the same time with the players.

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Frequently Asked Question about Football Ball Boys

What does a ball boy do?

Feeding is how the ball boys and girls in soccer give the balls to the players. Most players accept the standard, which is for the ball boy or girl to gently toss the ball (from the position with their arms extended upwards). Such that it bounces one time then to the proper height for the player to catch the ball easily.

How old do you have to be a ball boy?

Ball boys and ball girls are people, usually young people, who retrieve and supply balls to players or officials in sports. Usually under the age of 13.


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