Italian Government Scholarships for Foreign Students 2023-2024

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Italian Government offers scholarship opportunities to international students to study for undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. degrees.

The Italian Government Scholarship is for eligible students without university scholarships at Italian higher education institutions. This article compiles the eligibility criteria and application procedure.

Like other scholarship opportunities, applicants must confirm eligibility before submitting applications.

The scholarship’s main objective is to reduce the cost of education for most international students. A glance at the table of contents below will reveal relevant information about this scholarship embedded in this piece of writing.

The Italian Government awards scholarships to foreign and Italian citizens studying in Italy. International students enrolled in undergraduate programs; postgraduate programs; Master’s programs, and Ph.D. programs can apply for this scholarship.

In addition, students enrolled in higher education courses in Art, Music, and Dance and advanced Italian language courses can also apply.

How do I get an Italian government scholarship?

The first step towards getting an Italian scholarship stems from applying rightly. To get an Italian government scholarship, you need to be duly informed of when application portals will be reopened and used right on time.

In addition to applying early, you must also send a duly vetted and proofread application to avoid mistakes that may dwindle your chances.

The application portal and procedure are enlisted in this article.

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Who Should I Apply for the Italian Government Scholarship?

Only applications from eligible candidates would be considered. To ascertain your eligibility, read through the subsections below:

Level/Field of study:

The scholarships in Italy 2023 are available for pursuing Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. degrees in the following Fields of Study:

  • Second-level university courses (five-year degree/Master of Science) (Laurea specialistica/Laurea Magistrale 2° Ciclo)
  • Master’s Degree courses (First and Second Level)
  • Ph.D. Courses
  • Specialization Schools
  • Research under academic supervision
  • Courses of Higher Education in Arts, Music, and Dance (AFAM); Scuola Internazionale di Liuteria di Cremona; Scuola di Alta Formazione e Studio (SAF) of the Istituto Superiore per la Conservazione ed il Restauro (ISCR); Scuola Nazionale di Cinema
  • Courses in Italian language and culture
  • Training/refresher courses for Teachers of Italian language

Host Nationality:

The Italian public education and research system host the Italian Government Scholarship. If you are an international student and you desire to study in the UK, Check out the best scholarships obtainable for study in the UK

Eligible Nationality:

The scholarship is open to international students, especially from developing countries. Aside from the Italian government scholarships for international students, other scholarships are available to international students to study abroad. You can check our scholarship by country to access all scholarships available.

Scholarship Benefits:

Usually, scholarship holders are exempted from paying university tuition fees by existing regulations. Sometimes, the Universities, as part of their autonomy, may not allow such exemption.

Candidates are therefore recommended to contact the chosen Institution to be informed on eventual taxes or tuition fees.

For the sole period of the Universities Scholarships in Italy 2023 granted by the Italian Government, the scholarship-holders are covered by an insurance policy against illness and accident. Air tickets are not given except to Chilean citizens.

Scholarship Number:

The number of Italian Scholarships 2023 offers was not specified


The following criteria must be met for Ph.D. Scholarships in Italy 2023  applicants to be eligible for the scholarship:

  • Educational qualification required by the chosen institution (See Section III of the call for applications)
  • Knowledge of Italian Language:  candidates must possess a certificate of intermediate level in Italian (e.g., CILS B2, CELI 3, PLIDA B2 or INT.IT Roma Tre) or equivalent linguistic proficiency issued by a local organization or language school (e.g., Italian Cultural Institute, Dante Alighieri Society branch, etc.). Applicants for Advanced Courses on Italian language and culture must have at least an A2 proficiency in Italian.
  • Italian language knowledge is not required for applicants who enroll in university courses held entirely in English.
  • Age limits:  Candidates younger than 18 years (born not after 15 April 1998) or older than 35 years (born not before 15 April 1981) on the deadline for submitting the applications are not eligible.
  • Candidates for Courses for teachers of Italian as a second language (see above, section III, the letter I) are eligible until they are 45 y. o. (born not before 15 April 1971) on the day of the deadline for the submission of the applications.
  • Restrictions: Students enrolled in a year exceeding the legal duration of the course of study (the so-called “fuori corso”) are not eligible for scholarships.
  • Candidates may apply for a renewal to continue or complete a multi-year course. A renewal can be granted only if the applicant has passed the exams required in the previous year. No scholarship renewals are offered for students exceeding the legal duration of the course.

How to Apply for the Italian Government Scholarship 2023?

Please complete all sections of the application form, including signatures, and ensure that supporting documentation is attached.

  • All applications are to be done online through this link.
  • Before applying, please read the Call for Applications carefully.
  • You can begin the application by clicking on Online Application and getting more details by clicking the Scholarship Link.

Important Notes: Applicants may obtain country-specific information from the Italian diplomatic mission or Italian Cultural Institute in their country of origin, either in person or from institutional websites.

When is the Application Deadline for the Italian Government Scholarship?

The deadline for the Italian government scholarships for International students’ applications is usually the 30th of April every year.

Italian Government Scholarship FAQs

How can I study in Italy for free?

To study in Italy for free, you must apply to universities offering scholarships.
It would be best to secure a fully-funded scholarship from an Italian University or government.
Also, if your visa permits you to work, you should get a part-time job in Italy to support your academic stay.

Why should I study in Italy?

Studying in Italy allows you to learn a new language or be better at speaking the Italian language.
University programs allow students to explore chosen majors in an international classroom.
Also, studying in Italy allows you to take advantage of numerous opportunities for personal enrichment.

Are there programs in Italian universities taught in English or Italian?

Yes, most Italian universities have programs that are conducted either in English or Italian. So, to study in Italy, you must prove proficiency in English or Italian.

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