How To Use MU Student Email

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Quest News Instagram Page poll recently saw how many students use their student emails. 53% of the 81 students polled claimed their student email was a massive part of their success in school.

The MU student email is accessible through the Microsoft Outlook application and provides notifications for everything. With your MU school email, it would alert you when an instructor submits an assignment.

If you need clarification about how to go about your MU student email, this article is for you. Here, we will review everything from how to get it to how to recover your password. Keep reading.

What is the MU School Email Address?

The MU student email address is like your conventional email, only that the school gives it to you for educational purposes. With this email, you can contact your teachers at any time of day, and he or they can read and respond at their leisure.

The email address bears the school’s name and ends with a .edu. Anyone you send a mail would know you are a student of MU and would treat the mail with the same urgency.

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How do I Get my MU School Email Address?

Applying to college is the simplest way to get the MU email address. You do not need to enroll in college; using online will earn your address.

Log in to eStudent and navigate to the ‘My Details’ tab to find your email address. Please scroll down to My Email Addresses after clicking Contact Details on the left-hand menu.

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Do Students keep their MU Student Emails After Graduation?

Yes, but only for a short time. Student accounts will typically lock 12 months from the end of the last term enrolled. Former students will receive an email in their University mailbox giving them notice when the 12 months is almost up.

Locked accounts will have all content deleted 21 days after the lock date. All your vital services–email, software, Library access, computer lab access–are tied to your NetID and your status as a student. You can continue using all your services until they remove your student status.

Once they remove your student status, you won’t be able to use these services:

  • University Exchange (Outlook) Mailbox
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Online courses
  • Some computer labs
  • Linkedin Learning
  • VPN
  • U of I Box
  • Library e-resource access (alums can apply for a courtesy borrowing card)

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Why is it Important to get the MU Student Email?

ECU uses your student email account to extensively contact you. This account provides updates and information regarding your enrolment, fees, exams, and important dates. It is the sole email address with which the University will communicate with you.

You must check your student email account frequently to ensure that you receive essential information. Some important information may be re-enrollment periods, exam schedules, semester results, and library notices.

Your lecturer or instructor will contact you using this account.

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Does MU Use Gmail or Outlook?

MU uses office outlook 365.

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How Can I Get in Touch with the School with my MU student email?

In the event of any difficulties and you need to contact the school, the official MU contact details are as follows-

How do I Log in to my Email?

For Microsoft resources, your login ID is “username” This [email protected] login id format will soon become the standard for access to all University electronic resources.

Any email apps you have set up, including mobile and desktop clients, will require this login id and password. To configure your device, see the MU Student Email FAQ Implementation Page

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How Can I Recover my MU Student Email Password?

Check the System Status page first to ensure there are no reported issues. If there are no system problems, you can reset your password using the web tools that are accessible.

On this page, click the link labeled “Forgot My Password” or “Forgot Your Password.” Follow the on-screen prompts to reset your password.

If you have trouble resetting your password or have any other login-related issues, contact the campus Help Desk.

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How Do I Send an Email to a Lecturer from my Account?

All you need is your lecturer’s email address. As soon as you get that, you should-

Make use of your student email account

There’s a reason you have an email address! Don’t use your awkward “harry styles luvr13xx” email address from middle school to contact.

Make the subject line stand out

Try as much as you can for your professor to know what the email is about from the subject line. 

Make your salutation formal

Be careful when addressing your professors. Acknowledge their status and make sure you know their correct titles – Dr., Professor, etc.

Introduce yourself briefly

Even if your class size is small, your professor has plenty of other responsibilities, classes, and students.

Help your professor recognize you quickly by introducing yourself with your class’s first and last name and the title and section number using the MU student email.

Be formal

Remember the email is not a text message. Try as much as you can not use abbreviations, emojis, or slang. 

Use correct grammar and spelling.

If you’re uncertain about your writing ability, a few tools are available to help you gain confidence and correct any mistakes.

For instance, the text-editing service Grammarly helps you check for syntax, spelling, punctuation, and style.

Be as polite as possible

Your professor is a human being with feelings. Be as polite as you can in your mail. 

End with an acknowledgment

You may add words like “Thank you,” and “Sincerely.” End it with your first and last names.

Follow up

Remember that your professors may have to track hundreds of students simultaneously. If they don’t get back to you, try to follow up in person.

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How to Write a Student Thank You Email

As a student, you might have to write a thank you often email to show your appreciation. To report a perfect thank you email, ensure that you-

  • Use a clear subject line.
  • Acknowledge the recipient.
  • Express gratitude.
  • Consider the format.
  • Be concise.
  • Close your email.
  • Share contact information.
  • Proofread.

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Simple MU School Email Etiquette

#1. Know when it’s appropriate to email in the first place

The first question you should always ask yourself is: does this message need to be communicated through email?

If you have a simple, quick question you can ask in person, do that instead. Not only will you get an immediate response, but you’ll have a better chance of the person remembering you.

#2. Include pertinent information in the subject line

The person you’re contacting with the MU student email should be able to tell what the communication is about from the email subject line in their inbox. Avoid ambiguous subjects like “Hey You!” or “FYI.”

Try something more specific, such as “Following up on last Wednesday’s Afternoon’s Introduction Call.”

#3. Use your school email address, or make sure your email account sounds professional

If your email address is [email protected] or [email protected], it takes time to make an excellent first impression.

Consider setting up a free email account with a more formal name. (You’ll need this for your post-college days anyhow.) You can also use the email address provided by your school.

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#4. Properly greet your contact

You should provide a greeting. “Dear Dr. Smith” or “Hello Mrs. Carter” can suffice. Starting with their name can appear disrespectful and informal.

Use your best discretion while addressing them by their first name. Use first names only if the person presents himself in this fashion. Otherwise, be cautious and use a more formal title such as “Dr.” or “Mrs.”

#5. Introduce yourself briefly 

While it may be tempting to jump right to your issue or worry, take a moment to briefly remind the person you’re writing to who you are and what your connection to him is.

For example, I’m a sophomore microbiology student enrolled in your BIO 201 course on Tuesday mornings, and I also took BIO 101 and 102 last year.

#6. Be Courteous

Remember to use the words “please” and “thank you” as needed throughout the email. Instead of saying, “Give me the frog lab questions,” try saying, “Whenever you have a chance, if you could just send me the link to the frog lab questions, I would greatly appreciate it.” Thanks!”

#7. Be Succinct

Professors, recruiting managers, and everyone else you’re emailing are extremely busy. If your email is too long, they might ignore it. 

 Be upbeat and friendly.

However, before using these inventive punctuations, keep in mind the context of the scenario.

#8. Avoid using abbreviations

Are you serious? I am, indeed. Leave LOL, BRB, TTYL, and other emoticons for chatting with your best friend.

Acronyms might impede understanding and can make you sound too chatty. Even if you know the professional contact, you’re contacting, always write your letter in good English.

#9. Please double-check your email before sending it

Examine your message for any prominent language or spelling errors. Run it through a grammatical check application such as You can also install Grammarly as an extension to help you catch errors as you type.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get into my MU student email?

MU uses Outlook to access the University Student email. For the first time, you must log in through the browser and then change your password.

How can I access the MU student portal?

Do you need a password to access the NEW Student Portal, or have you misplaced your password? Copy the password from your email to log in to the student site. After logging in, you can change your password to something more personal.

What are my email ID and address?

Click your avatar or photo near the upper right corner of Outlook. Look for your primary Outlook email address under your name. If you have linked Outlook accounts, the current version is there first.

What happens to Mizzou’s email after graduation?

Student accounts will get frozen 12 months after the last term of enrollment. Former students will get an email in their University mailbox when the 12-month period ends.


For students, MU has developed an easy-to-use login system. This approach makes getting the resources you need while in college simple and quick.

To be effective, all students must have simple access to their information. We hope this article has helped you establish the best ways to go about it.



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