How to Get a Spotify Student Discount in 2023 Fast

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Music has become a large part of our lives. While some people prefer soothing music, others prefer loud music. No matter your choice, you must get access to music which has been made easy using Spotify.

As a college student, you must understand how to get a Spotify student discount and get access to the best songs worldwide.

According to an article on Medium, Spotify has gained worldwide acceptance. And this is clearly expressed in the over 60 million active subscribers. Out of this number, over 21% are paid users with access to all the platform’s benefits.

In this article, you get to learn about Spotify – arguably the biggest music platform. Most importantly, you get to learn how to get your Spotify discount as a student very fast. Exceptional right?

The table below represents all you’ll learn in this content. You can easily navigate to your area of interest using.

What is Spotify?

Spotify is an online music streaming platform. Hence, you get access to the best songs all over the world on the platform. You can get access to 50 million songs while you use your Spotify account.

The need for Spotify came to solve the pain of moving through the whole town in search of a song. Additionally, they’ve helped individuals secure their best songs in one place.

As popularity increases, Spotify has sought to make access to its platform easier for everyone. Considering their premium account fee, they offer a discount program for students. However, most students don’t know how to get their Spotify student discount.

The conversation regarding discount is totally unnecessary when you don’t have access to a Spotify account and we will show you how to get one in this article. But first? Let’s tell you why you need to register a Spotify account.

Why Should I Register Under Spotify?

Built-in 2015, Spotify has become a very important platform that connects individuals to the best songs in the world. Whether it be jazz, reggae, pop or rap, Spotify gives you all you desire.

Most times, music lovers don’t need to access music stores to get the albums of their favourite artists. They can easily get them on the Spotify platform.

With access to over 50 million songs in addition to live streaming and performance viewing, Spotify has so much to offer.

Of course, movie platforms like Netflix offer discounts which make easily available for the middle class and younger citizens. Well, Spotify is taking its game directly to college students.

College students get the biggest bite with their amazing discount that preludes getting a premier account. This discount is special and comes with a lot of advantages.


How can I Register On Spotify?

Registering on Spotify is not difficult at all. In fact, they have simplified the process wherein you can be done in less than five minutes.

However, when you want to register your premium account, you need to go a step further which we will outline later. So, registering your Spotify account involves;

  • Download Spotify App
  • Email Confirmation
  • Music Streaming

Download Spotify App

The first step you must follow is to download the Spotify application. You can do this on any of your mobile devices i.e, phone, iPad, tablet etc.

Whether you have an Apple or Android device, you can have access to Spotify on any of their stores. You only need to search for the Spotify application and click the download button.

One thing you must observe is the duplicate applications that exist. While some of them might look like Spotify, they aren’t. So, you need to single out the Spotify app using their noticeable logo.

Once the application download is complete, you move into the next level of registration.

Email Confirmation

Once you download the app and start the registration process by filling the forms, you will need to confirm your email. The Spotify app will automatically send a code to your mail which they will demand that you input.

The idea behind this is to ensure that no one hacks into your Spotify account without you getting alerted. Hence, this protective feature is essential and has been very helpful.

Music Streaming

After confirming your email, you can access the best songs you can ever see. You can even play them offline and transfer to other music applications you have on their phone. Indeed, it’s straightforward and beautiful.

What is the Spotify Student Discount Offer?

The Spotify student discount offer is an offer given to all college students. This offer enables student Spotify premium subscribers to get 50% off their premium fee.

This offer has seen the number of college student premium subscribers rise. It’s only painful that high school students also don’t have access to this offer.

However, in the coming months, Spotify seeks to include high school students and teach them how to get their Spotify student discount immediately after they register.

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How to Get a Spotify Student Discount

Before you choose to register a premium account on Spotify, you get a week of a free trial. Well, after that week you will rush to make your payment because of the fantastic experience. You’ll be so impressed by what Spotify offers.

The Spotify student discount offer for college students has further increased the publicity of this music streaming platform. And although programmers have tried to crack the program, they’ve not experienced any level of success.

So, if you want to take advantage of the Spotify student discount offer fast, follow the following steps. These steps include;

  • Create your Spotify ID
  • Join Spotify Premium
  • Choose Spotify Student Premium
  • Provide Necessary Detail
  • Complete Payment Process

Create your Spotify ID

You can create your Spotify ID using the web application or the website. Well, I must comment that the web application is a better choice than the website.

You’ll need to input your email – as we showed you earlier – or you can register using your Facebook account. Any way you choose, Spotify will complete your ID in some minutes as long as you follow the steps.

By doing this, you have completed a crucial step in your journey to accessing the Spotify student discount offer.

Join Spotify Premium

Once you have registered, you will receive a request to join the Spotify premium account.

There will be a lot of premium accounts from which you can choose, but you have to be careful here. We’ll show you the right account to choose from in the next step.

Choose Spotify Student Premium

Immediately you signify your interest in joining the premium account, you will get access to three premium offers. You don’t need to choose anyone except the Student Premium.

The Student Premium account is where you get your Spotify student discount which gives you a whopping 50% off the normal premium fee.

Provide Necessary Details

After you have chosen the Spotify student premium account, you will need to do some verification. The essence is to enable Spotify to grant this access to students only.

They will request that you present a SheerID, and other documents such a class schedule, transcript, registration or tuition receipt, or a letter of enrollment.

How to Get a SheerID

SheerID is a YouTube membership plan for students and institutions. The eligibility of your institution is determined by SheerID.

Hence, to check if your school has student plans available:

  • Visit the Student Plan landing page for YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium.
  • Select Get Student Plan.
  • Type in your school on the SheerID form. If your school appears, then student plans are available.

Once your school is listed there, you must fill in your name, email address and country. After that process, Spotify will need you to upload at least three abovementioned documents.

Note: These documents must be uploaded in JPG, PNG, PDF, GIF or RTF. After you finish this process, you can then make a payment.

Complete Payment Process

After you submitted your documents, they’ll need to be verified. This doesn’t take a long time depending on your time of registration.

When the verification is complete, you’ll need to pay to enjoy the best Spotify premium offers.

On Spotify premium, you get access to the best quality of audio you can find available.


What is the Spotify discount all about?

The Spotify discount grants students access to their premium service for 50% less than the actual price.

Does spotify offer a free trial on the premium offer?

Yes. Spotify offers a 30-day free trial on their premium offer.

Is paying for spotify really worth it?

Yes. Spotify is totally worth paying for as you get to keep your favourite songs and albums in your pocket.


Only Apple has matched Spotify’s greatness in online music streaming. In fact, analysts have continually compared the two brands.

A lot of students have continually started streaming music. Today, many people have albums in their pockets and hardly visit music stores.

Technology is changing the music game and Spotify wants to claim the top spot.


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