How To Become A Volunteer In Kenya

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Working as a volunteer in Kenya will allow you to offer assistance to the local communities, interact with the indigenous Masai tribe and enjoy a close view of Africa’s big five.

Serving as a Volunteer in Kenya opens up a whole new view of the world to you. The country is one of the best places to kick-start your vocation as a volunteer worker.

Besides a rich culture, Kenya offers numerous opportunities both for local and international volunteer workers. Kenya is a remarkable country in terms of wildlife and the environment.

However, like many third-world countries, it also has its challenges. Some of the main challenges facing Kenya today include poor education and lack of opportunities. The rapidly growing population is also a major contributing factor to poverty in Kenya.

Therefore, the aim of many organizations today is to help underprivileged communities. The assistance targets mainly women and children in desperate need of volunteers.

Meanwhile, take a look at the table of content below to get a peek of what this article will cover.

Why Volunteer In Kenya?

There are many reasons why you should consider volunteering in Kenya. One of such reasons is the opportunity to have a closer interaction with the local Masai community.

Volunteer opportunity in Kenya extends beyond human activities to the rich Kenyan wildlife. Kenya’s wildlife boasts of endangered species like the Rhinoceros and African Lions.

The country provides the opportunity to volunteer for a wildlife rescue project. There is no better way to contribute to our planet than to ensure the survival of every species.

You can get involved in the process by signing up for a volunteer opportunity in Kenya today. It is one of the best ways to impact change in your small way. Some of the areas you can volunteer includes:

  • Teaching children of kindergarten age and women
  • Offer your assistance to orphanages or serve in medical centers
  • Help in the sensitization about HIV/AIDS

Are There Paid Volunteering Opportunities In Kenya?

It is essential to understand that working as a volunteer is not an opportunity to make a profit. Nonetheless, you might get money to cover expenses like feeding and accommodation and other basic requirements for your stay as a volunteer. 

Volunteer work is not an employment opportunity. Essentially, you are limited to only basic needs.

How Can You Become A Volunteer In Kenya?

One of the easiest ways to start your journey today as a Volunteer in Kenya is by signing up with a verified volunteer organization. Ensure that you have a sincere and genuine reason when applying as a volunteer.

Your motivation should come from the desire to help others genuinely. Align your motivation and interest to that of the organization. Volunteer organizations pay more attention to your interest. Ensure that your goals are in line with the mission statement of your chosen organization. Applying for a volunteer may likely require personal references. Therefore, ensure you verify and reach out to the appropriate individuals before submitting your application form.

Make sure that your application reaffirms your interest in becoming a volunteer.  Outline your specific motivation in the choice you are making to become a volunteer. For instance, if you love to care for wildlife, clearly explain why and your inspiration in your application.

There are many opportunities today available, both on local and international levels. Once you make up your mind on the kind of activity to volunteer for, find an organization that offers the same opportunities. Note that the process of signing up as a volunteer may require payment of some fees.

Step-By-Step Guide To Volunteering in Kenya

The process of volunteering in Kenya is not a difficult one. Once you find a suitable organization, the following steps will help you secure a position as a volunteer in Kenya.

Step 1. Design A Suitable Program and Begin the Application Process

Start your process by designing your program and choosing your location of choice.

Once you make up your mind on the volunteer program, select a location and start the application. Most organizations require an online registration process. Registration also helps the organization check for program availability.

Basically, the program design may likely affect the amount you will pay for registration. Therefore, it is vital to make inquiries and chose the most suitable program.

Once you finish your application process, the organization is responsible for assigning you a program manager.

Step 2. Begin Your Registration Process to Secure Your Position

After successfully designing your program and selecting your location, the next step is registration.

It is essential to begin your registration process on time to secure your place. The registration process requires payment of a registration fee to the organization. Many organizations offer flexible amounts and also a refund opportunity.

Therefore, make your inquiries before proceeding with this step. After securing your place, you get access to exclusive preparation materials for your volunteer program.

Step 3. Pay For Your Program And Begin Preparation For You Volunteer Program

Your program manager will always be handy to help you with your preparation process. Some of the things your program manager can help you do include:

  • Booking of your flight
  • Insurance booking
  • Listing of the basic things you need to pack for your journey

Other things your program manager can help you do include:

  • Booking for accommodations
  • Planning excursion
  • Booking for language courses
  • Arranging for exclusive travel experiences

All these preparation processes depend on the payment of your program fees. Many organizations require that you make your payment 30 days before your journey. You must make your payment early to enable your organization to start preparation in time.

Step 4. Enjoy Support From Your Volunteer Organization

Once you register as a volunteer, you will enjoy support from your chosen organization. They usually send a delegate to meet you at the airport. The organization is also responsible for taking you to your accommodation and provide settling-in assistance.

They are also responsible for providing you with valuable information about the country. Some of the things you will learn from your volunteer organization include:

  • Safety tips
  • How the transportation system works
  • Where to find basic amenities
  • Activities you can enjoy in your free time

How Can One Find Volunteering Opportunities in Kenya?

There are numerous organizations available online today that offer volunteering services in Kenya. Therefore, you can begin your search online.

The best way to become a volunteer in Kenya is by signing up with a volunteer organization that offers an opportunity in your field of interest. It is also possible to find one organization that offers numerous opportunities for different areas of interest.

10 Volunteering Opportunities in Kenya in 2021

From the numerous opportunities available to become a volunteer in Kenya, below are the best ten opportunities.

1. Become a Kindergarten Volunteer

Location: Nairobi

Become a volunteer in kindergartens in Kenya and the primary education system. Offer your assistance in taking care of over 100 children per class. Your duty will include providing lessons for students and other forms of support where necessary. The volunteer who wishes to improve access to education can do so by volunteering in Kindergartens.

The position is suitable for:

  • Students over 16 years of age
  • Teachers who specialize in teaching students of early childhood years
  • Solo volunteers with a passion for teaching
  • Families with an interest in early childhood education

Duration of Volunteer: 4-6 hours per day

Activities: help to teach children between 1 to 6 years basic subjects like English and Maths. Assist in the day-to-day running of the center by doing daily chores like cooking and cleaning. You will also offer assistance in taking care of the children. Volunteers can also show support to the community by helping at the farm.

Stats: the next available date for the kick-off date for kindergarten volunteers is the 15th of May, 2021. You can apply here.

2. Two Weeks Special Volunteer Program in Kenya

Location: Nairobi, Masai, and Mamba, Kenya

Sign up for a two weeks special volunteer program in Kenya using this link. The Two Weeks Special Volunteer Program provides you with the opportunity to work with children of different ages and contribute positively to their education. Experience life in the Kenyan suburbs and interact with the indigenous Masai people. Get the opportunity to drive through the Masai game reserve and discover life in the villages of Mamba and Bomas. Enjoy the view of Africa’s Big Five while camping in the wild. 

The program requirements include:

  • Applicant must be at least 17 years at the time  of volunteering
  • An Applicant must be willing and flexible to work in a new environment
  • Applicant must be passionate about working with children
  • To be eligible, the volunteer must provide a clean criminal record before an application
  • Participants below the age of 18 must provide a parental consent form to be eligible to join

Duration of the Volunteer program: 4-6 hours daily for a minimum of 2 weeks

Activities: Volunteer will assist in orphanage homes in the suburbs of Nairobi. Some of the activities include designing fun games and making the orphanage playful and enjoyable.  The volunteers will assist in finding interactive and fun ways to educate children. The volunteers will also assist in the preparation of daily meals for the children. During your free time as a volunteer in Kenya, you can embark on safari trips and enjoy the beautiful view of the country’s wildlife park.

Stats: Available from May 15, 2021, to December 17, 2022.

3. Wildlife Conservation and Animal Rescue

Location: Diani Beach, Kenya

Volunteer for a wildlife conservation program (minimum duration of 2 weeks). Depending on your experience, you will be assigned special duties. However, the assignment depends on the available openings at the time of registration for the program. Therefore, applicants should be willing to assist in any part of the Colobus Conservation when necessary.

Program requirements include:

  • Applicants must be 18 years and above on the program kick-off date to be eligible to volunteer
  • The Applicant must be passionate about wildlife conservation and animal safety
  • Applicants can either be solo, couples or apply as a group
  • Evidence of a clean criminal record before an application
  • Applicant must complete the application process and sign the volunteer agreement, provide a current CV, and insurance cover for the program

Additional Skills That May Be Useful

  • Photography skill can be and an added advantage for volunteers
  • A skill in arts and design is also important
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Videography skill is also an added advantage
  • A skill in fundraising can be handy
  • Marketing skills can also enhance your program experience

Duration: 10 hours of volunteer daily from Sunday to Saturday (includes 1-2 days off).

Activities: Some of the activities include animal care, de-snaring, the building of bridges, working with the Columbus corridor, fundraising, research, and primate rescue. Colobus Conservation frequently receives orphaned animals for special care. Volunteers require a high level of commitment and patience in working with such animals. 

Stats: Program runs all year round from February to December. The duration of the program is 2-24 weeks. Click this link for more information about the program and to begin your registration process.

4. Volunteer With Masha Care Foundation For Business Administration and Training Assistance

Location: Mombasa, Kenya

This volunteer program aims to assist young women to be independent mone-making skills. The skills they acquire will enable them to stand in a better position to generate income. At the end of the program, these women will be able to cater to themselves and their family needs.

Some of the program requirements include:

  • Applicant must be 16 or more on or before the application date to be eligible
  • Applicant must demonstrate a passion and understanding for teaching self-help projects
  • The understanding of the English language (basic level) is essential for the program
  • A clean criminal background record is necessary for the position
  • Must be a graduate of a university or higher skill level
  • All nationalities can apply for the position

Other Useful Skills for the Program

  • A high level of professionalism is required
  • Communication skill
  • Enthusiastic and self-motivating
  • Dedication, hand working and close attention to project requirements
  • Ability to find ways to raise funds individually to support local projects

Duration of Volunteer: the time duration for this program is 2-8 weeks. Working hours are usually flexible and dependent on the project type. Work usually ends between 2.00 PM to 5.00 PM.

Activities: The volunteer will work in collaboration with local women who run SMEs. They will help in mentoring and provide business management support for local businesses. Again, the volunteer will also provide financial support to boost local businesses. Lastly, the volunteer will also be responsible for providing local women with business education. Some of the popular self-help businesses include:

  • Running cafeterias
  • Fashion designing
  • Beads and jewelry making
  • Weaving of baskets
  • Small crafts

Stats: The program is available all year round. The program briefing begins on the first and fifteenth of every month. Every volunteer must arrive a day before the start of their orientation. Follow the link to start your application process.  

5. Sign Up With Agape as a Football Coaching Volunteer

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Sports volunteers with Agape usually work in classrooms in the morning. In the evening, the volunteer joins the Agape football academy. Volunteers in football coaching also work over the weekend. Volunteers may take lectures alongside a local teacher as a way of showing support. However, the volunteer should also be ready to take lectures alone on a wide range of topics.

To sign up for this program, volunteers need to meet the following requirements:

  • Applicants must be 18+ at the time of registration
  • Be passionate about sports
  • Knowledge of the English language is essential
  • Volunteer must have a clean criminal record
  • Volunteer must commit to working through the week, including weekends

Duration of Volunteer: One week minimum from 8 AM to 5 PM (may include 2 hours of lunch break)

Activities: As a volunteer, you must be ready to render your assistance in whatever capacity you can. One of the main aims of Agape is the placement of volunteers in their football academy. The academy is responsible for organizing training for a minimum of 5 times per week. The training sessions also include night sessions. Training sessions may include:

  • Workouts
  • Fitness exercises
  • Tasks that enhance football skills
  • Real-time trials

Stats: Available from January to December. You can begin your registration process here.

6. Volunteer For HIV Prevention and Outreach

HIV is one of the challenges of the Kenyan suburbs. Women remain the most vulnerable as a result of poverty. One way you can assist the local communities is by becoming a volunteer for HIV prevention and outreach. To be eligible, the participants must be:

  • At least 18 years at the time of application
  • Must be willing to interact with the local communities
  • Volunteer must be passionate about creating awareness about HIV and AIDS

Duration of volunteer: the minimum volunteer duration is one week. You can volunteer for up to fifty weeks for this program.

Activities: Actually, volunteers for HIV prevention and outreach will attend a two weeks course on HIV test administration. The volunteer will work five days a week, starting with a morning breakfast before setting out. The volunteer will be responsible for sensitizing the people at local clinics and administering the tests. Volunteers also assist in canceling and educating the people about HIV. Volunteers also work in different public spaces in the suburbs and are not limited to clinics. They also work in public places like cafes, public areas, market places, and pubs.

Stats: The volunteer program for HIV prevention and outreach is open from January to December. Follow the link to begin your application process and make payment.

7. Lend Your Assistance in Environmental Conservation

Location: Likuni Slum, Kenya

If you have the zeal to improve the environment through education, this volunteer opportunity will suit you. Use the opportunity to sensitize the youths about the effect of environmental management on health.

Eligible persons for this program should be:

  • At least seventeen years on or before the date of enrolment
  • Have a basic understanding of the English language or Swahili
  • Have a University degree or have a high school certificate
  • Ability to adapt and work in a new environment
  • The ability to communicate and interact well with people
  • Self-confident and bold

Duration of the volunteer: the minimum volunteer period for this program is two weeks. You can volunteer for up to twelve weeks.

Activities: the volunteer will assist in removing wastes and plastic dumps from the Indian ocean beach. The volunteer will be responsible for promoting green spaces through the planting of trees. The volunteer will also assist in educating people about the environment and its sustenance. Therefore, volunteers should prepare for the season and time when coming to Kenya.

Stats: Program runs all year round, and orientation starts on the first and the fifteenth of every month. The volunteers should endeavor to arrive a day before the program briefing. Begin your volunteer program as an assistant in environmental conservation by clicking this link.

8. Volunteer as a School Development Assistant

Location: Nairobi Kenya

Mafanikio Organization aims to bridge the gap in the educational system through experimental learning. They require the services of both international and local volunteers to achieve their goals. To volunteer with Mafanikio Organization as a school development assistant, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Applicant must attain the age of 18 or above to be eligible for the program
  • Volunteer must have a basic knowledge of the English language
  • Volunteer must have a clear record of criminal background
  • The volunteer should have an understanding of subjects like Mathematics, English, and general studies at either undergraduate level, high school level, or graduate level
  • A good interpersonal skill is an added advantage
  • Applicant must be a team player
  • Applicant must be able to communicate fine
  • Volunteer must be able to work with minimum supervision

Duration of Program: A minimum of 4 weeks volunteer and a maximum of 12 weeks.

Activities: The work of the volunteer is in collaboration with the local community. Therefore, he or she will live among these communities. The volunteer must encourage inter-cultural/ racial relationships and incorporation through:

  • Sport events
  • The teaching of subjects like English, mathematics, and other sciences
  • Community events
  • Mentorship
  • Building works

Stats: The program is open from January to November. The next available starting date for the program is the 15th of May 2021. Depending on the volunteer’s choice, the following dates are important:

  • January to March: Teaching
  • April: Mentorship
  • May to July: Teaching
  • August: Mentorship, community events, and building works
  • September to October: Teaching
  • November: Community events, mentorship, and building works

9. Volunteer Musha Care Foundation for Women Education Assistance

Location: Eldoret, Kenya

The foundation focuses on empowering local women through teaching basic income generation skills. The foundation is also responsible for developing projects that can help local women become independent.

Eligible persons for this project should be:

  • 18 years or above at the time of application for the volunteer
  • Have a basic understanding of the English language
  • Clean record of criminal background
  • Volunteer must attain a college or university level
  • A good communication skill is an excellent addition
  • Flexibility to working in new environments is a requirement
  • Volunteer must be physically fit to take up the tax 
  • Innovative volunteers stand a better chance of success

Duration of program: the minimum volunteer period is four weeks, while the maximum is twelve weeks.

Activities: the volunteer will work closely with local self-help organizations in the suburbs. The aim is to assist some of the underprivileged women. The volunteer provides both financial support, business ideas, and skills to guide these women. A volunteer who has experience in the arts and crafts is a good choice for this volunteer program.

Stats: the program is open for registration all year round, with orientation on the 1st and 15th of every month.

10. Refugee Education Assistant

Subscribe to Love Volunteers and get the opportunity to impact the lives of refugee children. The organization aims to provide hope to internally displaced persons.

The suitable candidate  for this volunteer position must meet the following requirements:

  • The volunteer must be at least 18 years to apply. People under 18 may be eligible if accompanied by their parents or legal guardian.
  • The volunteer must have a clean criminal background record
  • Volunteer must have attained a high school level
  • Any nationality can apply for the position
  • Experience in the area of childhood development have an added advantage in the field

Duration: Volunteers must apply for a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 12 weeks. The volunteer must be willing to work from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM from Monday to Friday.

Activities: Work directly with the children of internally displaced persons. Volunteers also assist in classroom activities like teaching. The volunteer will also have a first-hand experience of the effects of the long-term refugee system. The volunteer will also assist in supporting these internally displaced persons emotionally and psychologically.

Stats: you can sign up for the program any time of the year. A typical volunteer for refugee education assistance typically begins on a Sunday. Therefore, if you are interested in becoming a volunteer, you must finish registration on time. Ensure to arrive on Saturday before you resume orientation.


There is no better way to directly impact the lives of the poor people in Kenya than by becoming a volunteer.

It provides you with the opportunity to have a first-hand experience of the sufferings of the people. Besides the aid you render to the people both physically and financially, volunteering in Kenya will also allow you to see Africa’s big 5.

There are a  lot of beautiful places to visit and enjoy the luxury of nature in Kenya. So, when next you think of volunteering, think of Kenya as your next destination.



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