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You are about to read full detailed information about the University of Iceland. Our goal at the world scholarship forum is to give you all the necessary information to obtain the best quality education globally.

Iceland is an island country in the north of the UK and North-west of Norway. Iceland presented a great development over the past 65 years, growing from one of the poorest and least developed countries in Europe after World War two into one of the richest, ranking 14th most developed country in the world in 2011. No wonder it houses one of the world’s best universities.

Brief History of The University of Iceland

The University of Iceland was founded in 1911. The school originally had only faculties for these three fields, in addition to a faculty of humanities.

The university played an important role in constructing the Icelandic nation-state and was perceived by Icelanders as an important stepping stone toward full independence. 

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The University of Iceland Ranking

The University of Iceland is ranked 201-250 in the world and number.

University of Iceland Schools and faculties

The University of Iceland comprises five schools and a total of twenty-five faculties.

General Admission Requirements in Iceland

Generally, for bachelor-level education, an Iceland applicant must have completed a high school examination/matriculation exam or equivalent.

Higher education institutions may, under their discretion, take applicants without such an examination if they deem them to have a comparable level of maturity, knowledge, and experience for the course they are applying to.

 For some subjects, however, the university may set additional entry requirements and/or entrance exams. Typically, these are in subjects such as the medical sciences, economics, and law.

Students enrolling in post-graduate education should possess a good bachelor’s degree in a subject that corresponds closely to the post-graduate degree they are applying for.

The University of Iceland Admission Requirement:

Students who want to enroll at the University of Iceland shall have completed an Icelandic matriculation examination or the equivalent level of study.

However, beyond the matriculation examination, admission requirements vary between university faculties. Please note that applicant whose native language is not English may need to prove their English proficiency by submitting TOEFL or IELTS scores.

Graduate studies

The Faculty rules apply regarding admission requirements for graduate studies at the Masters’s and doctoral levels. The Master’s program in English at this Faculty is  Food Science, MS,120 ECTS

Applicants whose native language is not English may need to prove their English proficiency by submitting TOEFL or IELTS scores. See the Proof of English proficiency requirements page for further details.

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The University of Iceland Tuition fee:

The University of Iceland, which is a public school, doesn’t pay tuition fees, but students will have to pay a compulsory and non-refundable annual registration fee of   $703.70 (ISK75,000)

The University of Iceland Scholarships:

Students, faculty, and other staff at the University of Iceland can apply for grants from funds operated at the University.

On the one hand, funds allocate grants for scientific research mostly targeted at doctoral students and research scholars at the University of Iceland.

On the other hand, there are University of Iceland scholarship funds with over sixty funds and gifts that have been bequeathed to the University since its foundation in 1911.

University students can, furthermore, apply for Erasmus+ and Nordplus grants for exchange studies abroad.

The University of Iceland Online Application

Application Deadlines

International students

  • 1 February each year
  • 15 April / 5 June each year (Nordic citizens, graduate/undergraduate studies)

Exchange students

  • Autumn semester or full academic year:
    • 1 March each year
    • 1 May each year for EEA citizens
  • Spring semester:
    • 1 August each year
    • 1 October each year for EEA citizens

Notable Alumni

The University of Iceland has a prominent alumni base. Notable celebrities include the following;


Programs at the University of Iceland are taught in Icelandic.

Please note that proof of English proficiency requirements may apply to applicants whose native language is not English. Further information on the program and courses is available in the course catalog.

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International Programs offered at the University of Iceland

Undergraduate Studies

International students can complete a BA degree in Icelandic as a Second Language to acquire the basic knowledge and theoretical skills to continue academic studies in Icelandic.

Another possibility is the Practical Diploma in Icelandic as a Second Language, a practical language program for beginners, which focuses on developing skills in speaking, writing, and understanding modern Icelandic.

The University of Iceland works internationally and cooperates with many international universities and research institutions on research, student exchanges, staff exchanges, and more.

Hundreds of international students study at the university yearly, and their numbers are growing.

Even though the primary language of instruction is Icelandic, the University of Iceland offers several study programs taught fully in English and are therefore open to international students.

In addition, the University offers several foreign language programs in languages other than English. Please note that proof of English proficiency requirements may apply to international applicants whose native language is not English.


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