15 Best Personal Safety Devices For College Students

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Going to college requires more than just student loans and book fees. Perhaps, it’s your first time being out alone, and you’re enjoying the freedom that comes with being on campus. While it’s an excellent feeling to be out alone in college, it is paramount that you take your safety seriously. And one way to ensure personal safety is by carrying one of the best personal safety devices for college students.

These devices can be the difference between an ugly experience you can easily forget and something more terrible. But if you’re the type that feels nonchalant about your safety, it might interest you to know the statistics of college crime. The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) reported 27,300 criminal incidents (to the police and security agencies) on campus in 2019.

And the criminal incidents include 11,800 forcible sex offenses (constituting 43 percent of all criminal incidents), burglaries, etc. These 2019 stats, according to NCES, should prove that students should take at least one of the best personal safety devices while going to college.

What Are Personal Safety Devices?

Personal safety devices are protective equipment or devices used to protect oneself from external harm, violence, etc. These devices give personal protection and peace of mind. Examples of personal safety devices include pepper spray, personal alarms, and so on.

Following the high rate of violence today, personal safety devices should always be handy since anyone could be a culprit. This article, however, will focus on the best personal safety devices for college students.

So if you’re a college student in search of a personal safety device to purchase, this article will reveal the best for you to choose.

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Why You Need Personal Safety Devices as a College Student

As a college student on campus, investing in personal safety devices should be of utmost concern to you. I’m pretty sure you often feel nervous about walking down a dark alley, and you often think twice before stepping out at night.

Groping is now a norm on roads, bus stops, cinema halls, local trains, malls, and other public places. And the perpetrators of these acts are ordinary people who feel they could get away with such actions. These people do these because they are not scared of being caught.

But as a student, worrying about your safety can affect your physical and mental health, leaving you insecure and troubled. Thankfully, we live in a technologically advanced era where college students like you have exposure to the best personal protection devices.

Personal safety devices would scare perpetrators away when they try to harm or molest you and alert the attention of others in the neighborhood. Remember, a house with security guards is unlikely to be invaded compared to an independent apartment. Also, a shop with CCTV cameras is unlikely to be robbed compared to one without cameras.

The same thing applies to personal safety devices. College students who walk with personal safety devices will feel safer and more confident wherever they go, unlike those who walk without these protective devices. So, there’s a need for college students to possess at least one of the best personal safety devices.

With personal safety tools, you will worry less and feel safer stepping out daily and embarking on trips to various places.

15 Best Personal Safety Devices For College Students

As college students, you should consider going for something portable when purchasing the best personal safety devices. Compact personal safety devices are convenient to carry around and safe to use.

Below are the best personal safety devices that college students can use for self-defense. You should check them out if you’re a college student.

1.  SABRE Lipstick Pepper Spray

SABRE Lipstick Pepper Spray disguised pepper spray as a cute and elegant lipstick that’s convenient to carry in your bag. This pepper spray is among the best personal safety devices for female college students as it combines security & modern lipstick.

It is disguised as lipstick, so it doesn’t look like a self-defense device. Thus, it is non-alerting while moving about with it. And this model can launch up to a 10-Foot spray range.

If you have female friends who are college students, you can buy them this personal safety device. It is one of the best, and they’d appreciate it.

SABRE Lipstick Pepper Spray could be your self-defense tool during an emergency. It can also last several years since it offers a four-year shelf life from the production date. Therefore, you don’t need to bother about replacing it too soon.

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2.   Tactical Flashlight

Having light with you at night is one way to maintain safety when you’re out at night. And our list of the best personal safety devices for college students will be incomplete without mentioning the tactical flashlight. It is a portable and multi-purpose self-defense tool.

Although it’s small in size, it exudes a very intense and blinding light. Its adjustable settings are an added benefit, and it works by confusing an attacker or providing an indication for help when in danger.

So if you’re a student that loves evening or night activities, then you should consider getting yourself a tactical flashlight. You can shine the light ahead while walking in a dark lonely area to ensure you’re conscious of your environment.

In addition, you can use a tactical flashlight when getting to your car in a dark or lonely parking lot. Or use it to get inside your home at night. Its portability makes it easy to fit into your purse, college dorm safe, or glove box.

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3.   Mini Stun Gun

What a mini stun gun does is disable a perpetrator instantly. This Vipertek model is compact, doubles as a flashlight, and can easily fit into your pocket or purse. It works with an internal rechargeable battery. Thus, you don’t have to worry about replacing the battery.

So, how does it work? If someone attempts to harm you, touch the person with this device. It will transmit a high-voltage electric shock alongside a fierce electrical sound, bringing him to his knees.

The sound alone could dissuade the perpetrator. Otherwise, the jolt of the device will transmit a high-voltage shock, which will impair him temporarily.

In addition to being a personal safety device for humans, you can also use it as a defense for your pet against a hostile animal.

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4.   Personal Alarm

When you’re in danger, you may be unable to shout for help. This is where a personal alarm comes to play. And this particular model comes with a flashlight, making it among the best personal safety devices for students in college.

In a dangerous situation, activate it, then it will let off a loud 130db sound to alert everyone that you need help. Since perpetrators do not like drawing attention to themselves, this loud sound will dissuade them before they hurt you.

Additionally, its flashlight illuminates the area. You can attach your keychain or purse to it. Thus, you can take it everywhere you go.

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5.   The Mace Spray

The mace spray is a tube-like personal security device similar to pepper spray. It irritates the potential attacker’s eyes, causing pain, a burning sensation, and temporary visual impairment. The inflammatory effects will make the eyes close and take away vision.

Furthermore, it causes sneezing, choking, and an intense burning sensation in the nose and throat. While these effects are temporary, it incapacitates the attacker so that you can escape or call for help.

Therefore, it is undoubtedly one of the best personal safety devices that college students should possess.

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6.   Taser Device

Unlike other personal security devices, a taser does not just target the culprit’s face; it works anywhere on the culprit’s body. It is an electroshock device that incapacitates an attacker so that you can escape or approach and handle them.

The taser device stuns and punctures an attacker’s skin and remains fixed to the target at a distance of about 15ft to 34ft. Not only is a taser the best, but it is also one of the most reliable personal safety devices for students in college.

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7.   The Ultrasonic Dog Repellent

Attackers can also be animals like dogs. So, what do you do when an aggressive dog is approaching you to harm you? Just activate your ultrasonic dog repellent.

But how does it work? It gives off high-frequency sound waves (about 20,000Hz – 25,000Hz) that irritate and scare the dog. However, only dogs and cats can hear this sound; humans do not.

Meanwhile, the ultrasonic dog repeller only repels hostile dogs, not human attackers.

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8.   HyperWhistle

A police siren can produce up to 120 decibels of sound. Again, jet engines can reach up to 130 decibels of sound. Your favorite fireworks can explode up to 140 decibels (at the same threshold people experience hearing pain).

The Hyperwhistle produces a screech of about 142 decibels. So, imagine someone attempting to hurt you while being bombarded by such excruciatingly loud noise. No, they can’t harm you.

Furthermore, this device can reach a distance of 2 miles, making it among the best personal safety devices college students should have.

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9.   Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

Tactical pen! Quite funny, right? With a collection of features aside from the ability to write, this tool is not something you should laugh over.

Its stout body is made from machined steel. And it has a glass-breaking tip incorporated into it so that you can rescue yourself from a dreadful situation.

Tactical pens initially used to be for military and law enforcement agents. But due to the rise in violence and criminal activities, you can now see tactical pens everywhere in the market.

So, how can you use this tactical pen for self-defense? As the attacker moves toward you, target exposed areas of their body as these areas are where the tactical pen is more effective. Use the pen on the attacker’s body to immobilize him.

After that, run away and call for help. Doing this will draw attention to yourself, making the attacker unlikely to avenge. That way, you should survive the attack using your tactical pen.

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10.               Cardsharp2 Credit Card Knife

The Cardsharp2 Credit Card knife is an ultra-thin and ultra-light knife that takes just the space of a credit card. At 65mm cutting edge and 13 grams, it transforms into a knife with a thick handle.

It also features a brilliant locking mechanism to avoid unexpected cutting or blunting when closed. Therefore, it’s undoubtedly one of the best personal safety devices college students should have.

In addition, it’s an extra layer of security if you often travel to places that are a bit unsafe.

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11.               CampusSafe

Aside from manual weapons, some apps can help you ensure safety as a university student. One such app is CampusSafe.

While it is a safety app, it features an easy dial for campus police, counseling, and healthcare numbers. It also provides you with crime prevention tips alongside other campus news.

Using the CampusSafe app, students can report occurrences on campus to the campus police via texting. Again, if you ever feel insecure on campus, you can hit the emergency button on the app to inform the campus police of your GPS location, contact details, and identity.

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12.               bSafe

Another security app is bSafe. It features live streaming, location sharing, an alarm timer, and voice activation key phrases like “I’m afraid,” ” Magic wand,” etc. In addition, you can use this app to fake calls, meaning you can make your phone display a call screen of the person you contacted and ring.

You can use the live stream feature to record your emergency. Then, the app will send the video and audio to your guardians or friends alongside your location details.

The most exciting thing about this app is that it will automatically record the emergency and send it to your selected contacts. Also, a guardian can virtually follow you home.

So, go ahead and download this excellent app. I’m pretty sure you’d like it.

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13.               Circle of 6

As the name implies, the circle of 6 app lets you select six family members and friends as emergency contacts. With just a single tap, you can send your location or a pre-written text to any or all of them.

The text can inform them to call you (to interrupt the situation), pick you up, or notify them that you’re in danger. Additionally, you can use this app to call 911 to request help.

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14.               Watch Over Me

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use personal safety app, then Watch Over Me is your best bet. It works by setting a timer in a dangerous situation. At that point, the app tracks your GPS.

But if you don’t push the “I’m safe” button after the timer ends, the app will send an alert to your emergency contacts alongside your current location. If it’s a heated emergency, you can alert your personalized emergency contacts by shaking your phone.

Doing that will alert your emergency contacts and set the alarm. Then, the app will start video recording instantly.

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15.               Silent Beacon

Silent Beacon allows you to personalize emergency contacts on your phone and alert them just by tapping your screen. You can add your family members, friends, or the police as your emergency contacts. Also, you can change them depending on your location.

The Silent Beacon app sends a distress message and your GPS location to your contacts to notify them that you’re in danger. So, college students can consider this app one of the best personal safety devices that could come in handy on their smartphones.

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What College Students Should Look Out For When Buying Personal Safety Devices

There are some factors you should consider before purchasing a personal safety device. We’ll be discussing them below.

●    Purpose

Can you fight back in defense against an attacker? If you think you cannot do it, opt for mobile apps and keychain alarms.

●    Cost

Analyze the features of a device and compare them with its price instead of concentrating on the brand name. After confirming your desired features, evaluate customer feedback and expert evaluation to make your final decision. Your choice should satisfy you.

●    Versatility

You never can tell what your situation will be. It could be a rational one where you need to alert people using a loud alarm. Or a situation where you need to send SOS messages secretly. Therefore, you should choose a device that supports both options.

●    Frequency

You can only use some devices within a particular range. At the same time, some devices require that you charge them after several uses. So, you may opt for a device with a built-in battery or one that enables you to reach the attacker from your personal space.

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What Are Some Personal Safety Tips For College Students?

The following are some personal safety tips to help you ensure safety on campus.

  • Pay close attention to your instinct. If you feel something isn’t right, it probably is not.
  • Be careful about strangers who ask too many questions, ask for help, or are too friendly.
  • Before going out, tell someone where you’re going and when you expect to return.
  • Don’t walk on lonely streets, near alleys, or near dark doorways.
  • Be wary of your surroundings and leave places where you don’t feel uncomfortable.
  • Ensure you have your key out as you approach your door.
  • Be vigilant when alone in a dark parking lot or deserted area.
  • Don’t move toward vehicles even though the inhabitants ask you for assistance or directions.
  • If you notice that someone is following you, change directions or cross over to the next street. But if the person keeps following you, head to an open store, a lighted house, or a restaurant. Feel free to shout for help.
  • Be wary of suspicious people around ATMs, banks, stores, etc.
  • Avoid going out when you’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Always have a working cell phone with you. Otherwise, try to figure out where phones are located along your route. You can call 911 for free (if you’re in danger or suspect one).

FAQs On The Best Personal Safety Devices For College Students

What is the loudest personal alarm available?

The Taiker personal alarm (2-pack) is considered the loudest personal alarm. It lets off as loud as 140db sound and can be heard over 600 feet away. The sound is ear-piercing and louder than an ambulance.

Will a personal alarm scare a bear away?

You can scare bears away using a personal electronic alarm. However, do not advance on a bear while letting off such a loud noise.

How painful is pepper spray?

Pepper spray causes a boiling or bubbling sensation and intense discomfort when it comes in contact with a person’s eyes. It makes the eyes close instantly and causes temporary blindness and acute eye pain. Thus, you can say it’s excruciating.

Can you use bear spray on humans for self-defense?

Bear spray is meant for bears alone. It can cause more harm when you use it on humans. If someone uses bear spray on you, you should seek immediate medical attention.

Is Birdie alarm TSA approved?

Yes, it is. There are no TSA restrictions on a personal alarms.

Why is personal safety important?

Practicing personal safety habits reduces the stress that comes with emergencies. So, it would help if you avoided such situations by practicing some safety tips.


Going to college comes with its ups and downs regarding personal security. Thus, these college students should be proactive by having at least one of the best personal safety devices. Most of them are compact to use and carry around.

However, personal safety does not just involve buying protective tools. It starts with maintaining safety habits, such as the safety tips mentioned in this article.

Also, depending on your state, some safety devices are regarded as weapons. So, do well to check the state laws before buying any safety device.


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