15 Best College Counselors In the USA: What To Look For When Hiring A College Consultant

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Applying to universities may be stressful for both students and families. It’s a complicated, often perplexing process riddled with questions: How can kids best prepare for the tough college admissions process?

How do students distinguish themselves among a sea of applicants? How can students locate the “best fit” college for them? When should students begin going to school? What types of standardized assessments should they take?

What is the most appropriate Common Application essay topic? Where should students submit their applications? Is it a good idea to make an early decision? And there’s more…

The best college counselors can help with all this. They reduce the stress associated with admissions by supporting students and their families through each step of the process. This article’s main focus is on the best college counselors in the United States. 

What Are The Functions of A College Counsellor 

In a nutshell, the best college counselors are well-versed in the full breadth of the transition from high school to college.

This transition can be challenging for many students. They can guide you from the earliest stages of preparation (such as choosing classes or extracurricular activities) through the challenges of finishing the race (your passion project, essay writing, and creating your college list).

Working with students during their junior and senior years of high school is not the only time that college admissions consultants can assist students. There are college consultants who begin guiding students in their first or second year of college.

When this occurs, the guidance provided by the consultant results in several outcomes that are interdependent on one another. The student goes through a process of personal development while simultaneously compiling a compelling application packet for college that is true to who they are as individuals.

Which People Use College Counsellors

Many parents may have the misconception that the best college counselors are solely for the wealthy or for students who are extremely goal-oriented and determined to gain entry into the Ivy League or the most prestigious research universities.

However, despite some high-profile scandals that have occurred at prestigious schools, this is not at all the case. The truth of the matter is that getting into college is difficult, the application process is usually drawn out and difficult to understand, and many parents simply do not understand how to get their children into college. 

This is especially relevant for children whose parents did not complete their education by attending college.

Because of this, the best college admissions consultants offer a variety of pricing plans and levels of service, ranging from assistance with essays to total application preparation. There are many options available to both the students and their parents.

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What to Look For When Hiring a College Consultant

College consultants can be a game changers for many students, making or breaking their chances of admission to their dream schools. Many factors are always considered before hiring college counselors.

Here are some of them: 

#1. What are your objectives?

Goal-setting and goal attainment are central to college admissions counseling. When selecting a college counselor, it is critical to establish specific goals for what you hope to achieve by working with a college admissions consultant.

What stage of the college application process are you in? How well do you understand college applications?

What are your academic and collegiate goals, and do you need help determining them? Are you looking for a college consultant who will act as a mentor to you, someone who will edit your application materials, or both?

These are all questions that will help you narrow down your goals for working with a college admissions consultant.

#2. Have a discussion first 

We encourage students and families to request a preliminary meeting or phone conversation with the college admissions consulting programs in which they want before making a decision.

This will allow you to better understand a program and whether it is a good fit for the student. The best college counselors are not always the ones ranked first, but rather the ones who will best meet the needs of the individual student.

Now is the time to ask all of the pertinent questions. What services do you provide? How frequently do consultants and students interact?

What are your various programs/packages, including one-on-one and group sessions? Do you provide financial assistance? What is your pricing structure? What is your team’s experience with college admissions? How successful are you?

#3. Are they a good fit for you?

Most importantly, are they a good match for you? The best college coach, regardless of ranking or level of prestige, is the one who meets you where you are and pushes you to grow.

With so many college admissions counseling companies to choose from, each one has its approach and success story, but not all of them will make you feel challenged and excited. You desire to get challenged and excited.

Best College counselors encourage you to think about and review what is most important to you before deciding on the college admissions coach who is the best fit for you. 

15 Best College Counsellors in The United States 

Here are the best college counselors in the United States

#1. My Klovr

MyKlovr is a college-bound student’s virtual counselor. They use artificial intelligence and data science to provide tailored college advice as well as the most up-to-date tools and resources to help kids maximize their chances of college admission.

Their data-driven, proprietary machine learning To provide users with individualized goals, the Personalized Artificial Intelligence Recommendations tool leverages broad data sets and trends, as well as student user profiles and evaluation insights. My Klovr is one of the best college counselors in the United States. 

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#2. A-List 

A List is one of the best resources available to prospective students to guarantee they are on the proper track while enrolling in a degree program.

Students get access to seminars and courses that prepare them for the admissions process and what to expect as they begin their journey toward the greatest and brightest jobs possible.

A List can assist you with financial aid, admissions essays, and constructing the perfect CV. Essay writing classes help students to express themselves creatively, while the top admissions advisors work with them to ensure they have access to every benefit.

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#3. IvyWise

IvyWise has been helping students gain admission to some of the nation’s most prestigious educational institutions for more than twenty years.

The team at IvyWise has a total experience of over 250 years, during which they have assisted thousands of students.

The vast majority of students who use IvyWise are successful in gaining admission to at least one of their top three institutions of choice. All this makes IvyWise one of the best college counselors in the United States. 

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#4. Empowerly

Empowerly is a college counseling service and online platform that links kids from all over the world with specialists that understand the college admissions process in the United States.

Empowerly’s team includes the best college counselors, essay editors, and professional advisors who are former admissions officers or alumni of the country’s finest universities, among others.

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Accepted provides students with the opportunity to work with the best college counselors in the industry. Consultants have extensive experience and can assist you with helpful information as you progress through the admissions process.

You will get provided with the skills and resources you need to submit a good and effective application that will get you noticed.

Admissions consultants will walk you through the entire process to ensure you have all you need to continue your education. Each consultant is an expert at recognizing untapped potential and will guide you in the proper direction.

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#6. Ivy Coach 

Ivy Coach is a college admission consulting service that works with individuals interested in applying to universities in the Ivy League as well as other highly selective schools.

They work with students not just in the United States but also in other countries all around the world, giving either long-term or short-term support. Ivy Coach is a company that helps students prepare for the SAT and ACT as well as provides college advice beginning in middle school.

Ivy Coach is one of the best college counselor companies in the world. They are best known for their Unlimited Package, which has a price tag of over $100,000.

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#7. Stater Story

When it first began, the company began by developing software for a guidance counselor in a high school. They went into schools and offered software as a service (SaaS) for the schools as well as a mobile app that connected students.

They also developed an advanced chatbot that automatically responded to ninety percent of the irrelevant questions that the high school guidance counselor was wasting time on. 

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#8. Admissionado 

Admissionado considers both a student’s local potential and stretch potential. It’s one of America’s best college counselors and maximizes the student’s capacity to move ahead in the application process.

Admissionado provides students with every possibility to enter the university of their choosing, from developing compelling resumes to professionally presenting themselves.

Admissionado’s admissions advisers provide students with the highest chance of getting admitted by the university that they believe will provide them with the best education. The key to acquiring access to the best education is to tell their story as well as possible.

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#9. Prepory

Prepory works on a global scale with families and corporate partners to provide world-class college admissions coaching to help students get into their dream institutions.

Undergraduate admissions, transfer admissions, and career development counseling are among Prepory’s primary services.

Prepory started in 2012 and has made waves with its admissions outcomes, unique approach, and high amount of references and recurring family clients. It is one of the best college counselors in the United States. 

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#10. Concourse

The intuitive software of Concourse assists guidance counselors and students in staying organized, locating the university programs that are the best match for them, connecting and chatting with universities in an online environment that is free of spam, managing and sending application documents, and consulting with expert academic advisors at any time during the process.

Through the pursuit of higher education, it is their purpose to support students all around the world in realizing their full academic potential.

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#11. Anna Ivey

Anna Ivey matches students with the best college counselors based on their specific needs. They can assist pupils in emphasizing their strengths so that they can put their best foot forward.

Students can hone their skills and maximize their potential on a variety of levels. They assist you in putting together an effective application that promotes your academic achievements.

Anna Ivey’s admissions counselors help students improve their writing skills when it comes to drafting an essay that depicts their future goals.

Students can significantly improve their chances of admission to the college of their choice by working with an admissions consultant.

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#12. TopTier

Top Tier Admissions is an organization dedicated to assisting students from all around the world with their undergraduate and graduate school admissions.

Top Tier Admissions provides personalized college counseling beginning in eighth grade, four-day and three-day college application boot camps, SAT and ACT tutoring, and AP exam preparation in a range of topics. It is one of the best college counselors in the United States.

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#13. Overgrad

Overgrad is a college and job readiness program that allows you to return to counseling and helps students make better educational selections.

They have evolved from a solution only for schools to a platform that brings together a student’s support network to assist them to realise the prospects that their education may provide.

They now provide a wide range of services and resources to students, parents, schools, community-based groups, and even private tutors and the best college counselors.

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#14. Bright Horizons College Coach

Brighton Horizons College Coach matches the best college counselors with the students who can gain the most from their services.

When applying to schools and universities, students must make themselves as conspicuous as possible to enhance their chances of acceptance.

This is usually performed in a variety of ways. The initial stage is to assist students in completing their admissions applications.

Writing admissions essays is another game-changer for students. With competition so strong, students must constantly discover methods to distinguish themselves from their peers.

A qualified admissions consultant can help you with that. Bright Horizons admissions coaches provide students with the resources they need to succeed.

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#15. Command Education

For four years, the founder of Command Education worked as a research assistant at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, where a survey of 44,000 high schoolers revealed that the words they use most to describe how they feel at school are “tired” (39%), “stressed” (29%), and “bored” (26%), but they want to feel “happy,” “energized,” and “excited.”

Command Education works with students to help them minimize stress and rediscover their true passions. According to Command Education, 100% of their students feel empowered and proud to pursue their dreams.

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Why Hire a College Consultant 

#1. Every year, schools become more competitive.

Acceptance rates at extremely selective colleges and universities are currently in the low single digits, while admission rates at numerous schools range from 10 to 30%.

There are two causes for this: more students are applying to college, and there are more applications per student, owing to the ease of submitting numerous applications via web interfaces such as the Common Application.

This makes it more difficult than ever for pupils to stand out. A knowledgeable admissions consultant can assist you to understand what schools are looking for and how your child can best present himself or herself.

#2. The application procedure is quite complicated and time-consuming.

Every year, hundreds of families learn that the college application process includes dozens of moving parts, any one of which might sink an application.

The amount of planning and consideration that goes into a successful college preparation and application process frequently astounds parents and students.

Have you forgotten to sign up for an interview? When was the last SAT date? Did you know the University of California’s deadline is November 30th for everyone?

Being prepared and proactive can mean the difference between your child getting into the colleges he or she wants. The best college counselors will on the other hand make sure you are on track all through your college application process. 

#3. College is an expensive endeavor.

Every year, the expense of four-year residential institutions climbs. With hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake, it makes sense to apply strategically.

Hiring an admissions counselor, like choosing a school, is an investment in your child’s education and future earnings.

A college counselor, of course, assists students in selecting universities where they would have the finest experience. You and your admissions counselor will work together to create a personalized plan to help your child succeed in high school, college, and beyond.

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#4. Less Stress 

In many houses, the simple word “college” is enough to start passionate talks and unneeded confrontations.
The application procedure for schools is demanding.

Keeping track of everything, not knowing if what you’re doing is appropriate, feeling like you’re nagging or getting nagged—even in the most peaceful households, it’s a formula for disaster.

That tension is usually eliminated by the top college consultants. They manage schedules and school lists, recommend extracurricular activities, assess courses, provide feedback on essays, assist with interview preparation, and generally ensure students are on the correct track.

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What Are The Qualities of The Best College Counsellors

#1. They must be able to answer strategic inquiries

Your college admissions consultant should provide strategic advice. Your consultant should choose the most compelling aspects of your application, which components to develop, and what background to present to admissions officers.

Aside from that, the numerous questions should be always handled with attention and understanding to provide you with the best chance of acceptance to your favorite colleges. Should you use Early Decision, and where should you apply?

You’re applying to a test-optional institution, and your SAT score is slightly lower than the school’s average. Should you turn in your grade? Should you include the Additional Info and Covid statements or leave them out?

#2. They attune to your needs

Do the curriculum and knowledge of the consultant fit your long-term college goals? If you believe that starting an entrepreneurial Spike project is one of the best methods to get into a top school, then Spike Lab is the obvious choice.

Search for a consultant who specializes in this type of work if you’re applying to art schools that demand a portfolio. Coaches with various expertise are available to address the needs of the many different pupils out there.

#3. They support your authenticity

When selecting a college consultant, examine the sincerity of the job that the consultant does with their pupils. A consultant should assist a student in discovering interests and producing a personal statement that reflects their personality.

Certain college advisers may encourage students to pursue activities that run against the grain of their candidate pool.

For example, they may encourage STEM-oriented students to pursue musical theatre instead. It’s appropriate if the child is genuinely interested in musical theatre, but it’s meaningless if they aren’t.

This method not only prevents pupils from realizing their full potential in high school but also destroys their self-worth and identity.

It implies that “you should modify yourself to get accepted” rather than “you should become the best version of yourself for schools to want to admit you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is hiring a college advisor worthwhile?

An excellent admissions counselor will assist you not just with your applications, but also throughout the entire process. Indeed, many families discover that beginning with a consultant early in high school allows students to be most successful in the college admissions process.

Where can I get reliable college admissions advice?

Parents looking for a comprehensive guide to the college process, covering everything from college fit to affordability, have a plethora of trustworthy resources to choose from. Experts in college admissions strongly advise starting with your child’s high school counselor.

What do you call a college counselor?

An academic advisor is a professional staff or faculty person who has undergone training to assist students with academic planning. Advisors refer various student concerns to counselors or other campus services.

What exactly happens in college counseling?

College counseling is mostly used in courses, such as medical, engineering, undergrad, and postgraduate, so that students can learn about the many courses given by different universities and where they can confidently pursue their careers.

Are college advisors trustworthy?

College Advisor is a legitimate business that guides students and provides insightful information on higher education admissions

#6. Are college counselors costly?

The cost of a college counselor varies widely, but on average, they charge $200 per hour or have application review packages that cost around $3000.


Hiring private college admissions advisors assists pupils in mapping out a path to their ideal colleges. When considering hiring a college admissions counselor, be sure your goals coincide with the programs and services they provide and that they are a good fit for you.

Finally, a top consultant will not only assist with college admissions but will also impart life-long professional skills.



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